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Rectrix Bold Goalkeeper Gloves (Black & Yellow, Fingersave)


Availability: In Stock
  • Negative cut
  • German latex palms (Black)
  • Fingersave Protection for fingers & thumbs
  • Latex strap (Velcro)
  • Perfect for amateur and casual goalkeepers
  • Bright, striking appearance

The stylish Rectrix Bold Goalkeeping Gloves offer fingersave protection and excellent grip at a super-low price. We recommend them to amateurs and casual Goalkeepers looking to reduce finger injuries.


Rectrix Bold gloves are negative cut, comprising of ‘German Latex’ palms. This provides excellent grip in all weather conditions.


Sturdy ‘Fingersave’ spines are built into the fingers & thumbs, reducing injuries while allowing for forward flexibility.

Bold Style

The Rectrix Bold range invites Goalkeepers to flaunt their uniqueness. The splashes of bright colour, geometric shapes, and combination of curves and straight lines gives the gloves a daring, head-turning appearance.

Value for Money

Rectrix Bold gloves are eligible for FREE delivery; so style and finger protection doesn’t come at a premium price!

Product ASINs: B09XWL5GYN (general),  B0BSG6C5GM (size 4), B09XWXS82Z (size 5), B09XX4YVNP (size 6), B09XX75QDV (size 7), B09XWJJ197 (size 8), B09XX68GZT (size 9), B09XWL9229 (size 10), B09XWX29P9 (size 11)


4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

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