Who started the Rectrix brand?

Rectrix is a London-based sports brand founded by an ambitious team of experienced sports analysts and equipment distributors.

We’re passionate about football — particularly the most crucial, yet somewhat overlooked position on the pitch — the goalkeeper. Learn more about us.

Where can I buy Rectrix gloves?

You can purchase our gloves from Amazon (UK and US), eBay UK, or through this website.

What countries do you deliver to?

We deliver to the UK and USA.

European customers can purchase Rectrix gloves via Amazon (UK, DE, FR, IT, or ES).

What payment methods are accepted?

Buying direct from Amazon means you can choose from an array of popular payment methods.

However, if you’d prefer to buy directly from us via this website then we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and PayPal.

How do I know what size gloves to buy?

Simply follow our size guide. Be sure to take note of the ‘fitting preference’ section.

How much is delivery? How long does it take?

Standard delivery is FREE and usually takes around 3-5 working days. If you need your gloves right away then you can upgrade your delivery method at Amazon upon making your purchase, or in the checkout of this site.

If you’re an Amazon Prime customer then you can expect to receive your gloves the following day!

Should I remove the plastic film on the palms?

Yes. The plastic film comes with premium gloves, and it’s there to protect the latex during storage. 

So if you’re satisfied with the size/feel of your gloves, carefully peel off the film by creasing the palms and pinching the film until it tears. Once fully removed, the gloves will loosen up slightly.

What's the returns policy?

You can return any unused items within 30 days of delivery for a full refund or exchange. Your returned item(s) must be in new and unworn condition, in their original packaging.

Returns can be arranged directly via your Amazon account from the ‘Your Orders’ section. Simply locate the order, and click the ‘Return items’ button to start the process.

If you purchased our products via this site or eBay, then simply email us on sales@rectrixsport.com quoting the details of your order. We’ll get back to you with instructions.

Rectrix products are subject to the standard Amazon (or eBay) returns policy and seller guidelines. Learn more about our Deliveries & Returns.

Tip: we highly recommend that you try on your gloves at home to get a feel for the fit, and then exchange/return them if necessary.

What if I have a problem with my gloves after the return period?

If you experience any issues, or have queries, regarding a purchase that’s past the 30 day return period then you can contact us on sales@rectrixsport.com, or via Amazon’s messaging service.

We endeavour to assist all of our customers. All issues are assessed on an individual basis.

How do I get maximum grip from the gloves?

Before use, wet the palms of the gloves with water. Ensure that the latex is slightly damp to touch; this gives the best possible grip.

During matches we recommend keeping a water bottle next to the goal so you’re able to rinse off any excess mud or re-dampen the palms when necessary.

How should I maintain my gloves?

Take a look at our Glove Care Guide.

We also recommend reading the Glove Care Advice provided by our partners at Top Goalkeeping. It’s the most detailed guide available.

How long should my gloves last for?

This depends on a number of factors such as the frequency of use, goalkeeping technique, football standard/level, and glove care.

While some lower league goalkeepers may get by with purchasing only 2+ pairs of gloves per season, it’s not uncommon for others to go through 5+ pairs.

Professional or Semi-pro level goalkeepers typically use anything from 15-40 pairs a season, due to high standards and frequency of training/games. This is made possible by club equipment budgets and sponsorships.

You should regularly assess the condition of your gloves. If you’re unable to grip the ball like you used to, or find yourself parrying when you wanted to catch, then it might be time for a fresh pair. Worn-out gloves can be costly to your team.

Latex Degradation

Rectrix sources high quality Latex in order to bring you the best possible grip in all conditions. Performance — as well as maximum comfort — are our top design priorities.

Our latex is soft and grips extremely well to the ball. But like all GK gloves, it’s subject to abrasion and wear. Latex gloves usually begin to show wear from the first use; the palms won’t ever remain totally pristine.

However, the good news is that all our gloves will perform until there is no more latex left on the palms. Think of it as the tread on the tyres of a car; you renew them when they’re too worn-down to provide grip.

Generally speaking, the better you care for your gloves, the more life you’ll get from the latex.

Playing Surface

If you’ve ever played on artificial surfaces like 3G or Astroturf, you’ll know that friction damages your clothes and grazes your skin. GK gloves are no exception to the rule.

Rectrix gloves are designed for use on all surfaces — but they’ll last significantly longer when used solely on grass pitches.

Tip: you could retire your older gloves for training on artificial surfaces, saving newer pairs for grass fixtures on matchdays.

What other Rectrix products are in the pipeline?

We’re planning to manufacture different gloves to suit all tastes and requirements.

Additionally we’ve designed several other goalkeeping products: agility sets, caps, padded trousers/shorts and tops. Watch this space.