General Usage

Rectrix gloves are flexible — within reason. Goalkeepers often damage their gloves when they rush to put them on, accidentally tearing the seams from excessive tugging. This usually occurs around the bottom of the fabric wrist strap.

To avoid this, ensure that you always carefully ease your hands into the gloves. Twist your wrist as necessary, whilst gently pulling down on the bottom of the fabric.

You can also prevent wear of the latex palms by avoiding unnecessary contact with the ground. For example, if you’re sitting down during training and push up off the floor, you could use your fist instead.

Washing & Drying

Do not use a washing machine or dryer, as this dries out the gloves and degrades the latex.

After use, rinse your gloves in warm water of no more than 30 degrees. To preserve the latex it’s best to use your hands to squeeze the gloves as opposed to rigorously scrubbing them with more abrasive cloths/scrubbers. Allow them to dry naturally in an aired-out space.

To dry the gloves faster we recommend stuffing absorbent cloths inside the gloves. This will soak up the majority of the water.

Note: specialist GK glove wash liquids are effective in giving a fresh look and smell — but they’re optional. Don’t be tempted to use standard washing powder as a substitute!


We recommend using the Rectrix glove bag to store your gloves. Above all, ensure that they’re kept cool environment that’s neither too dry or damp.

  • Too dry can cause the latex to become brittle.
  • Too damp may start to attract unwanted mould!

If you’re storing your gloves for a long period of time (e.g. at the end of the season), it’s important that they’re properly washed and dried out first.