Finding the right Glove Size

To get the full benefit from Rectrix goalkeeping gloves it’s very important to buy the right size. If your hands are comfortable and flexible you’ll feel more confident in handling the ball. And the more confident you feel, the better you’ll perform in matches.

Standard adult goalkeeping gloves range between sizes 7-11. Kids gloves range between sizes 4-6. The most popular adult sizes are 8, 9, and 10. But unfortunately not everyone has a ‘standard sized’ hand, with the exact same proportions. Not every goalkeeper shares the same preference for their glove fit, either.

Here’s how to measure your hand and select your most suitable glove size.

How To Measure Your hand

If you’re able to try on goalkeeping gloves at your local sports shop to determine your size, then that’s great. Otherwise, just follow simple the guidelines below.
  • Use a ruler or tape measure to measure the width (in mm) from the inside of your thumb across your palm, to the opposite side of your hand.
  • Take a straight line measurement from the bottom-most part — do not measure around the back of the hand.
  • Now use the Rectrix size chart to determine your recommended glove size.
SizeGoalkeeperWidth (mm)
11Adult XL104-111
10Adult L98-101
9Adult M91-95
8Adult S86-91
7Youth L79-86
6Youth S73-79
5Junior L67-73
4Junior S60-67

Note: some size guides will ask you to measure from the tip of your middle finger to the bottom of your palm. We avoid using this method because it’s prone to inaccuracies.

Your fitting preference

Do you have a specific preference as to how you like your gloves to fit? If so, you might decide to go up or down 1 size.

We recommend allowing a “pinch” of space at the end of the fingers to ensure maximum flexibility. But only you will know what feels most comfortable.

Note that the hand from the above image could fit into either an Adult M or Adult L.


Go Down 1 Size For The “TIGHT-FIT”

Some goalkeepers like to use very tight-fitting gloves to make their hands feel compact and strong. Just be warned that very tight gloves put greater stress on the materials and may lead to premature wear or even splits.


Go Up 1 Size For THE “LOOSE-FIT”

Other goalkeepers like to have some extra space around their hands/fingers, for easy movement and extra comfort. The downside to loose-fitting gloves is that they might weaken your grip on the ball. Remember that gloves work on friction.

Be aware: when your Rectrix gloves first arrive they’ll feel tight at first. This is due to the protective plastic film across the latex palms. They’ll begin loosen up once you’ve peeled the film off and used the gloves a few times.