We’re keen to work with goalkeeper coaches and schools to reach out to more players. So we’ve developed a simple ‘Refer & Earn’ scheme — meaning you will earn for Rectrix gloves sold using your unique discount code.

how it works

  1. We provide you with a unique 15% discount code.
  2. You give the discount code to goalkeepers you know, or coach.
  3. You earn 15% of all sales made using your discount code — that’s £4.46 for every pair of gloves sold!

It’s win-win for both keepers and coaches.


  • Purchases must be made using the Rectrix website. Amazon orders are not eligible for this promotion.
  • If the discount code is not used by the buyer, then the Refer & Earn fee cannot be attributed to any coach.
  • The 15% Refer & Earn fee applies to the amount spent by the customer.
    • For example: if a customer buys one pair of Rectrix gloves (worth £34.97) and applies the 15% discount, this means they pay just £29.72. Therefore the associated coach will earn 15% of £29.72 — which is £4.46.
  • Returned items will not qualify for the Refer & Earn promotion.
    • For example: if an associated customer buys three pairs of gloves using your discount code, and returns two of them, then only one pair will earn the 15% Refer & Earn fee.
  • Refer & Earn commissions are eligible for payment:
    • 30 days after an associated purchase was made.
    • Once a minimum of £25 has been accrued (that’s 6 pairs of gloves).
  • This promotion is running up until 1st January 2021, with a view to extend it indefinitely. We reserve the right to modify or cancel the promotion.

You’re welcome to check up on your Refer & Earn balance by contacting us on sales@rectrixsport.com and quoting your unique discount code.

Apply For Your Unique Discount Code

To start earning, fill in the following form to apply for your unique 15% discount code. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.