Current Offer

Buy any two pairs of Rectrix gloves and claim a third pair absolutely FREE.

At Recrix we want to support goalkeepers in every way possible — so we’ve come up with a unique sponsorship program. Here’s what you need to do to claim your FREE pair of Rectrix gloves:

Step 1. Buy Two Pairs of Rectrix Gloves from Amazon

The promotion is for Amazon customers that purchase any two pairs of Rectrix goalkeeper gloves:


  • You must buy 2x pairs of Rectrix gloves using one Amazon account. We cannot offer free gloves when two pairs were purchased by different people.
  • Refunded items do not qualify for this promotion. For example, if you bought two pairs of gloves and returned any of them to Amazon for a refund, then those returned items will not count.
  • The promotion is limited to one free pair of gloves per Amazon account. To qualify for another free pair, you’d need to use a different Amazon account and buy another 2 pairs.
  • Orders made prior to 05/01/2021 do not count towards the promotion.
  • UK customers only.

Step 2. Leave an Honest Product Review on Amazon

We encourage our customers to leave Amazon product reviews to help build trust in our brand.

For this promotion, we ask that you publish a review within 60 days after your most recent purchase, as follows:

  1. Log into your Amazon account and visit the ‘Your Orders‘ section.
  2. Locate your recent order of Rectrix gloves and select ‘Write a product review‘.
  3. Submit your honest review. This should display on the product listing within two days.

Step 3. Promote Us on Social Media

Let other Keepers know about your new gloves!

We require that you make a simple post on your Instagram/Twitter profile, using the hashtag #goalkeepergloves while tagging in @rectrixsport. Posts can be images or videos of:

  • A GK wearing the gloves (e.g. on a match day)
  • An action shot using the gloves (e.g. making saves)
  • Unboxing of the gloves
  • A glove review

Step 4. Claim Your Free Gloves!

Send an email to with the title ‘FREE GLOVES’. Kindly provide us with the following:

  1. Amazon order ID(s) to show that you purchased two pairs of gloves from Rectrix.
  2. A screenshot (or link to) your product review on Amazon.
  3. A screenshot (or link to) your social media post(s) about your Rectrix gloves.
  4. The glove size you want*.
  5. Your delivery address.

Your gloves will be dispatched within 30 days of us receiving your request.

*If we’re out of stock in the glove size you want, we can issue you with a 50% refund of your second pair of gloves. Otherwise you are welcome to wait until we’re back in stock.

Promotion ends on 31/12/2022.